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Why should people see a chiropractor after an auto accident in Lawrenceville? There are many reasons to see a chiropractic specialist after being involved in any type of car accident, even if you feel little or no pain right away.
Adrenaline is frequently running high immediately following a car accident, which can mask the pain your body may be experiencing. Significant injuries may seem minor or even non-existent in the minutes or hours after your crash. This adrenaline response is the body's natural defense mechanism that helps us get through emergencies, even if we are injured. Aches and pains often reveal themselves after the body has calmed and is rested. Inflammation around sore spots can indicate injuries that were not apparent just hours before.
To be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to consult with a chiropractic doctor who specializes in the diagnosis of injuries that might not be immediately apparent, such as internal bruising or bleeding, or a concussion.
Dominguez Injury Centers has some of the best chiropractors and injury specialists in Lawrenceville, GA. We develop treatment plans to address the source of our patients’ pain instead of just treating the symptoms. We enjoy getting people healthy as quickly as possible after a car accident.
Our facility provides various therapy rooms where we administer passive modalities and adjustments.

We know that constant dialog with our patients on a private individual level is important to their recovery.
We work together as a team in an environment that is comfortable to create the best experience possible for each patient. Our chiropractors provide many services to treat a range of conditions.
Patients may receive a variety of treatments during each session, including:
• Chiropractic adjustments
• Physical therapy
• Physiotherapy
• Spinal decompression
• Sports injury treatments
We are specialists in neck and back pain but can also treat a variety of conditions related to musculoskeletal systems and extremities.
Dominguez Injury Centers’ original location is in the Chamblee neighborhood of Atlanta and has been open since 2003. Our Lawrenceville location opened in 2010. We also have locations in Norcross and Gainesville.
We employ some of the best personal injury specialists in Lawrenceville, but we can treat a variety of patients with symptoms and conditions unrelated to accidents. Our team prioritizes accurate diagnoses and treating the patient, and not the condition. We enjoy promoting a healthy lifestyle and educating patients on what they need to do daily to stay healthy.

Dra. Shakira Lee


Graduated from: Life University & Bs Biology from Delaware University
Years of Experience: 7
Nationality: Swiss
Hobbies: Working Out and Spending time with Family.